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  • ‘People waiting for prices to come down will be disappointed’: San Diego home price rises for 2nd month San Diego County home proces in April rose for a second month after nine months of declines - and it is happening with very few sales. For the full article click here. Read More >
  • Explaining how the Fed raising interest rates impacts mortgage rates Loan Officer from C2 Financial Group, Mark Goldman discussed how the Fed raising rates impacts mortgage rates and if now is a good time to buy a home. For the full article click here. Read More >
  • San Diego home prices: annual gains wiped out If you bought a San Diego home one year ago, there’s a chance it’s now worth less than what you paid. San Diego County’s median home price was $750,000 in February, said CoreLogic data released Wednesday, down 2.6 percent from the same time last year. It’s the first time in… Read More >
  • San Diego home price drops for first time this year San Diego's home price dropped for the first time this year as rising mortgage rates slowed seeimingly unstoppable gains. June's median home price in San Diego was $825,000, down from the all-time high of $850,000 reached the previous month. For the full article click here. Read More >
  • Housing market may show signs of cooling A new report from Zillow says many homes in San Diego County are selling in just under a week, but experts say the housing market is showing a few signs of cooling. San Diego loan officer Mark Goldman says low supply and high demand are continuing to push home prices… Read More >
  • San Diego home prices continue to grow as Federal Reserve rates rise The Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates has many wondering if San Diego's sky-high housing prices will finally come down, but analysts say the Fed's move can only do so much in our supply-strained county. "I get text messages, I get emails, I get calls," said Loan Officer Mark… Read More >
  • Mortgage Rates Approach 5% As Fed Tightens And Inflation Rattles Bond Markets U.S. mortgage rates approached 5% on Friday, the highest daily average in more than four years, as war-worsened inflation fears spooked financial markets and the Federal Reserve ended a two-year emergency program that boosted demand for bonds containing home loans. The average locked rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage eligible… Read More >
  • Historically Low Mortgage Rates May Continue I recently spoke with Kathleen Howley and Forbes about the expectation that rates may remain low, as we have seen over the past year. Just recently the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City canceled their Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium due to the rising spread of the delta-variant. How does… Read More >
  • Should buyers pay more than the appraised value? In this aggressive seller’s market, many successful bidders are waiving appraisal contingencies. Agents must be equipped to address their buyer-clients’ concerns about paying more than the appraised value for a property. An appraised value less than the contract price will increase the loan to value. This can require additional cash… Read More >
  • Mark’s Market Update- 2021 Q1 I hope 2021 has been good to all of you so far. The San Diego real estate market has remained strong, but we are already starting to see some changes from last year. San Diego is one of the hottest markets in the nation. We are behind only Phoenix and… Read More >
  • Zillow Shaking Up the San Diego Market 10News recently reported about Zillow's Zestimate program being used to purchase homes in San Diego. Sellers can check if their homes qualify for an all-cash offer from Zillow and can typically expect this process to be faster than a typical transaction. While this may be a good opportunity for sellers… Read More >
  • San Diego Home Prices Reach New Record Prices keep rising, what does this mean for buyers and sellers. Read More >
  • San Diego Real Estate Market Update-September 2020 Over the last few months we have continued to see record-low rates. The average 30 year fixed rate is currently 3.010% which is good news for buyers looking to purchase a home. If you have thought about taking advantage of low rates to refinance, you may want to act fast… Read More >
  • Do Low Interest Rates Make A Difference? Low interest rates may bring a change to the San Diego market. Read More >
  • Jumbo Loans Making A Comeback The Jumbo Mortgage market took a hard hit because of Covid, but recently many lenders have provided information about their products coming back. Rates are still higher than conforming loans, but we will continue to monitor them. Many home buyers had to put their plans on hold, but with the… Read More >
  • Forbearance Pros and Cons Forbearance may be a solution for you, but be aware of the pros and cons. Read More >
  • Stay Informed On Your Mortgage Relief Options Make sure you are informed and are reaching out to the right sources. Read More >
  • Spend Some Time Outside Spending too much time inside may be causing some of us even more stress, so let's try to spend some time outside. Now is the perfect time to work on the exterior of your home. If you have projects you started and didn't finish (don't we all have that endless… Read More >
  • Mortgage Rates Close To All-Time-Low Mortgage rates continue to fall for another week amid the pandemic. This week rates fell to 3.31%, putting them only three basis points away from an all-time-low. The government continues to put money into capital markets to keep rates low and help the recovery of the economy once it begins… Read More >
  • Is Forbearance the Right Option For Your Mortgage? I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Lately there has been a lot of talk about forbearance and loan forgiveness programs for borrowers. These two programs may be the right solution for those borrowers who have found themselves unable to continue making their regular mortgage payments. If you think… Read More >

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