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  • Historically Low Mortgage Rates May ContinueI recently spoke with Kathleen Howley and Forbes about the expectation that rates may remain low, as we have seen over the past year. Just recently the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City canceled their Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium due to the rising spread of the delta-variant. How does… Read More >
  • Should buyers pay more than the appraised value?In this aggressive seller’s market, many successful bidders are waiving appraisal contingencies. Agents must be equipped to address their buyer-clients’ concerns about paying more than the appraised value for a property. An appraised value less than the contract price will increase the loan to value. This can require additional cash… Read More >
  • Mark’s Market Update- 2021 Q1I hope 2021 has been good to all of you so far. The San Diego real estate market has remained strong, but we are already starting to see some changes from last year. San Diego is one of the hottest markets in the nation. We are behind only Phoenix and… Read More >
  • Zillow Shaking Up the San Diego Market10News recently reported about Zillow's Zestimate program being used to purchase homes in San Diego. Sellers can check if their homes qualify for an all-cash offer from Zillow and can typically expect this process to be faster than a typical transaction. While this may be a good opportunity for sellers… Read More >
  • San Diego Home Prices Reach New RecordPrices keep rising, what does this mean for buyers and sellers. Read More >
  • San Diego Real Estate Market Update-September 2020Over the last few months we have continued to see record-low rates. The average 30 year fixed rate is currently 3.010% which is good news for buyers looking to purchase a home. If you have thought about taking advantage of low rates to refinance, you may want to act fast… Read More >
  • Do Low Interest Rates Make A Difference?Low interest rates may bring a change to the San Diego market. Read More >
  • Jumbo Loans Making A ComebackThe Jumbo Mortgage market took a hard hit because of Covid, but recently many lenders have provided information about their products coming back. Rates are still higher than conforming loans, but we will continue to monitor them. Many home buyers had to put their plans on hold, but with the… Read More >
  • Forbearance Pros and ConsForbearance may be a solution for you, but be aware of the pros and cons. Read More >
  • Stay Informed On Your Mortgage Relief OptionsMake sure you are informed and are reaching out to the right sources. Read More >
  • Spend Some Time OutsideSpending too much time inside may be causing some of us even more stress, so let's try to spend some time outside. Now is the perfect time to work on the exterior of your home. If you have projects you started and didn't finish (don't we all have that endless… Read More >
  • Mortgage Rates Close To All-Time-LowMortgage rates continue to fall for another week amid the pandemic. This week rates fell to 3.31%, putting them only three basis points away from an all-time-low. The government continues to put money into capital markets to keep rates low and help the recovery of the economy once it begins… Read More >
  • Is Forbearance the Right Option For Your Mortgage?I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Lately there has been a lot of talk about forbearance and loan forgiveness programs for borrowers. These two programs may be the right solution for those borrowers who have found themselves unable to continue making their regular mortgage payments. If you think… Read More >
  • Rates Keep DroppingWe continue to see rates dropping amid the slowing of the economy. Earlier this year the low rates had increased the refinancing business and I think we will continue to see more of this. With peak home buying season coming up, the low rates may help to bring in more… Read More >
  • San Diego Home Prices RiseI spoke with the San Diego Union-Tribune about the rise in prices compared to last year. Over the last year we have seen a steady increase in home prices. They have reached a new peak at $585K, up 8% from last year. This change may be due to the low… Read More >
  • September Real Estate Market UpdateI wanted to share a quick update with you about what I have observed in the housing market. Below you can find a video where I discuss the trends we have seen. One of the many observations is of course interest rates. They are still low, but what does it… Read More >
  • What Is Zillow Offers?Zillow Offers is a new program that has arrived in San Diego. This new program offers to help homeowners sell their home faster. While this may sound appealing to sellers, the downside is the price point. Zillow Offers may not pay what some sellers would like. Their offer comes in… Read More >
  • Increase In San Diego Home SalesWhat is causing the increase in home sales? Read More >
  • What Is An Appraisal?Down below is a short vide explaining the importance of an appraisal in the home buying process. An appraisal can help to give you a better idea of the value of your investment in a home. For any questions you may have, reach out to me I'm happy to help! Read More >
  • Is Now The Time To Refinance?I spoke with Bloomberg about the rise of refinancing we have seen. Market timing is always an issue in the real estate and financing business. Although many expect rates to continue to decline, we do not know where the bottom will be. But, when people wait to see the bottom,… Read More >

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