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  • More Buying Opportunity In San Diego  I spoke with ABC10 News about the current state of the real estate market in San Diego. Activity is still slow and interest rates remain high, but this could become an opportunity for those looking to buy. I do think we will see an increase in activity in springtime,… Read More >
  • No-Cost AppraisalsFor a limited time we will cover the cost of your clients' appraisal. This could help to save them hundreds of dollars at closing and make the buying experience even better for your clients. It is available for all conventional loans that close before December 31st. At the time of… Read More >
  • Rent Control In San DiegoI spoke with ABC10 News about the rent control debate currently affecting San Diego.High rental costs in San Diego are prompting people to pursue rent controls to limit rental increases. I believe the long term solution is more supply of housing. The current supply has not met the demand in… Read More >
  • Rising Costs Of Downtown LivingI got the opportunity to talk with The San Diego Union Tribune about the rising costs of apartments in Downtown San Diego. With many new developments comes competition to gain tenants, but the high rents are not drawing in as many renters. Apartment complexes have started to offer concessions to… Read More >
  • We Are Now On YouTubeI'm happy to announce we are now on YouTube. Our first video is about the new Lock and Shop program. With this new program we can lock in your rate for up to 90 days while you still shop for a home. This will surely help to make the home… Read More >
  • Median Home Prices Hit Record HighMedian home prices in San Diego have hit a new record high and prices may not be slowing down. I spoke with the San Diego Union Tribune about this trend in home prices and what it may mean for potential home buyers. The market is very competitive now, and buyers… Read More >
  • Secure Your Rate While Still Searching For A New HomeVery excited to announce this new program I can offer to clients. You can now lock in your rate before purchasing your home. This is a new benefit of getting pre-approved which was already a great option to start with. You can now find out what your interest rates will… Read More >
  • 5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home1. How long do I plan to live in this house? Knowing this can help you plan what the next few years will look like. If you are not planning to spend a long time in a house, you might be able to spend less money in order to be… Read More >
  • Technology Creating “New Normal” In Real EstateWith the many changes occurring in real estate that have been brought on by technology, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. This article discusses the way real estate has changed and how brokers have used technology to build better relationships with clients as well as… Read More >
  • An FHA Loan Could Be Right For YouAn FHA loan is a great option for potential homebuyers who do not have the typical 20% of a purchase price saved up and ready to be given as a down payment. This can be an option for people who are still renting or for first-time homebuyers. Many homebuyers can… Read More >
  • 2018’s Cities with the Most Overleveraged Mortgage DebtorsBuying a home represents an important milestone for most consumers. But for those who dive in to the deep end of real estate without a financial safety net, the decision could lead to buyer’s remorse in the long run. Mortgage rates are slowly climbing after reaching historic lows in 2013, but still… Read More >
  • V.A. Homebuyers Often Turned AwayCHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) -- Hundreds of thousands of veterans and active duty military call San Diego County home, but a group says they are facing big disadvantages when trying to buy a house here. The San Diego Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals says more than 60 percent of listings… Read More >
  • San Diego home price starts year at $529KThe San Diego County median home price was $529,000 in January, down by $11,000 since December, said real estate tracker CoreLogic on Tuesday. The big picture: In a year, the median price increased 6.9 percent. San Diego County’s median home price hit an all-time high in June of $545,000. While… Read More >
  • Last Year’s Housing Market Broke Records  The housing market reached new price peaks in 2017, shattering records left over from the 2005 housing boom. Home prices rose as the number of homes for sale continued to drop — even more so than previous years. Meanwhile, the number sales stayed about the same. Strong job growth, low… Read More >
  • Best Way to Walk the Balance Transfer TightropeBalance transfer credit cards have a lot of moving parts, including a balance transfer APR, balance transfer fee, annual fee and, potentially, introductory rates and fees. Plus, offers change regularly. And choosing the best balance transfer credit card for your needs is only half the battle. You also need to… Read More >
  • San Diego median home price drops to $537,750 in JulyThe San Diego median home price cooled slightly in July, ending a three-month streak of record-breaking peaks. Experts attribute the high prices to a lack of homes for sale and intense demand. The relatively small reduction in home prices from last month does not have anyone thinking prices are heading… Read More >
  • Credit ScoresImproving one’s credit score is a different process for everyone, depending on one’s circumstances and spending habits. For advice on doing so and insight into faulty consumer thinking, we asked a panel of experts to share their thoughts. What tips do you have for a person trying to increase his… Read More >
  • As San Diego Home Prices Continue To Rise, Some Mortgage Lending EasesGovernment controlled mortgage giant Fannie Mae is allowing borrowers to have higher levels of debt and still qualify for a home loan. Previously, the debt-to-income ratio was capped at 45 percent. Now it’s at 50 percent, making room for a larger house payment. For example, for a household making approximately… Read More >
  • Qualifying for a mortgage could get a bit easierSan Diego is in peak home-buying season, and the prices keep rising. That can make it much harder for people to qualify for a mortgage. They have to show they can make the monthly payment -- plus all of their current debt, including student loans, car payments and credit cards.… Read More >
  • New Site Calculates Monthly Home PaymentsArticle Originally Posted on ABC 10 By: Jonathan Horn SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - If you rent in San Diego, what you pay your landlord could be high enough to double as a mortgage payment. Now, a new real estate website shows you just how far your monthly payment would go.… Read More >

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