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Your Loan Advocate

Your loan broker works for you, not the bank. Loan brokers have access to many sources of financing. In contrast, direct lenders and banks are limited to their own products.

Your Deal

Many mortgage bankers are so committed to loan brokers that they do not offer their loans directly to the public. Mortgage brokers are their sole source of loans. You may be missing an opportunity to meet your needs if you cut out this important step!

Loan Selection

Mark Goldman searches a wide variety of correspondent lenders to place your loan. He can match lenders to borrowers based on income documentation, credit, debt to income ratios, property type, loan to value, and other factors. He keeps up to date on program changes and availability. Your mortgage broker does the shopping!

Value and Service

Shopping for a home loan can be time consuming, complicated, and frustrating. Mark Goldman does the shopping for you by tracking a number of lenders and loan programs on a daily basis. One call to one person is all it takes!

Interest Rates

The interest rates on loans are very competitive because all lenders are competing for the loans based on price and service. Mortgage brokers can deliver competitive rates from a wide variety of lender sources. Mark Goldman works with “wholesale” lenders who reduce pricing to brokers. These savings may be passed along to you!

ONE Loan Application Goes a Long Way

By utilizing a loan broker, the borrower makes one loan application that can be submitted to many lenders. If one lender enters the market with a new program or better interest rates and terms, the same application can be used.

  • If a lender changes a loan program, Mark Goldman can submit your application to an alternative lender with a comparable program.
  • A broker can withdraw a loan package from one lender and take it elsewhere for approval, without the time and expense of starting all over with a new loan application at a different lender.
  • “Direct Lenders” may not have this option. It is better to start with a professional broker who can finish the job.

Mark will work hard to find the lender and loan program to meet your specific needs.